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At Perkins Law, our mission is to be a steadfast pillar of support for those who have faced adversity, particularly in cases of Sexual Harassment and Sexually Hostile Working Environments. Founded by Byron “BP” Perkins, our firm embodies courage, perseverance, and an unwavering dedication to justice, advocating for the marginalized in our community.

We navigate complex legal landscapes, focusing on cases such as Wrongful Death, Catastrophic Personal Injury, and Whistleblower protections. We understand the profound impact of these experiences and strive to not only seek justice but also to foster healing and empowerment for our clients. Perkins Law is where the hurt find hope, the silenced find a voice, and the wronged find justice.

Visionary Leadership & Commitment to Justice

At Perkins Law, Byron “BP” Perkins leads with a visionary spirit and a profound sense of fairness. His deep-rooted passion for the law has made the firm synonymous with courage, perseverance, and an unmatched dedication to the pursuit of justice. Founded on these principles, Perkins Law represents and fights for the marginalized in our community, transforming lives through advocacy.


Byron’s Bio

Byron Perkins, known as “BP” by most of his friends has been in the active practice of law for over twenty-two years and has represented plaintiff’s in litigation in both state and federal courts. BP concentrates his practice in the areas of Personal Injury, including automobile, motorcycle and 18 wheeler litigation and wrongful death claims as well as civil rights cases. BP has represented plaintiff’s in all aspects of civil and employment rights including Race and Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, Fair Labor Standards Act violations and Racially Hostile Working Environments. Moreover, BP has represented a number of African American Business, Contractors, Vendors and franchisees in cases pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Section 1981, from the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

BP had the privilege of representing Jerronzo McCoy, a former employee of Rex Radio and T.V. Mr. McCoy alleged that he was subjected to a racially hostile working environment and retaliated against his employment when he was terminated for opposing racial discrimination. After a three day jury trial, the jury awarded Mr.McCoy over $1.6 Million Dollars.

BP served as co-counsel in the historic Ingram et al v. The Coca-Cola Company which was settled for $192.5 Million Dollars. The case also established a “Gold Standard” for diversity in Corporate America as it relates to diversity and glass ceilings which is still a model for settlement of classwide discrimination claims.

Following Coke, BP represented Kenney Edwards, an African American retired President of John Deere Golf & Turf Division. Mr. Edwards retired from John Deere and attempted to purchase two John Deere dealerships, but was told that he was not qualified. At the time John Deere had 3100 John Deere Golf & Turf dealerships nationwide, none were African American owned. After filing a complaint in Federal District Court, the parties later reached a confidential settlement.

On April 18, 2012, BP along with Washington attorney Cyrus Mehri and Nashville attorney George Barrett filed a class action complaint against ABC Television and The Bachelor alleging that the show discriminates against people of color. No one of color has ever held the lead role in the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Following a press advisory and a press conference, this case has sparked a nation wide discussion on interracial dating.

Finally, BP has represented second season American Idol winner Ruben Studdard since 2003. He most recently represented Studdard in his divorce proceedings. Previously, BP represented Studdard and 19 Entertainment in litigation against 205 Flava for the misappropriation of Mr. Studdard’s image.


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Empowering the Silenced and Victimized

In an era where voices against Sexual Harassment are increasingly amplified, Perkins Law stands as an unwavering support system for those who have been silenced, marginalized, or victimized. The firm combines compassionate counsel with relentless advocacy to seek justice, foster healing, and empower clients. Their success is measured not just in numbers but in the lives changed, workplaces transformed, and communities empowered through their efforts.

Specialized Legal Focus

Perkins Law concentrates on a narrowed and refined spectrum of legal battles, including Sexual Harassment and Sexually Hostile Working Environments, Wrongful Death, Catastrophic Personal Injury, Automobile and 18 Wheeler Accidents, and Whistleblower protections. However, the firm’s commitment shines brightest, where their dedication to justice is unwavering.

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